Merge Office Interiors, inc.
Merge Office Interiors, Inc.
Merge Office Interiors, Inc. a manufacturer of innovative office furniture, designed with an eye on the environment and workstyle trends, focuses firmly on user needs and customer service!

Committed to the utilization of green materials, MOI strongly believes that protecting the environment also demands minimal use of materials.

MOI realizes that day to day office life revolves around scale, the scale of the operation, scaling up, scaling down and so on. As the furniture's scale can directly impact the space efficiency and ambiance of an office, we say its time to lighten up! Why waste materials or time installing or reconfiguring cumbersome products? Why waste money on expensive, material intensive products?

MOI products are geared, on the one hand to merge with other products (that its dealers may sell, or its clients already own), and on the other hand to provide creative options that can make a project really unique.
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